Scan Data Analytics for Executive Decision Making & Fact-Based Selling Stories


Products Customers Want

Supercharge scan data with direct access to emerging consumer trends as they're beginning to take shape.

Insights Teams Need

Gain insight to drive business planning and provide your salespeople with the most actionable knowledge to impact your retail sales.

Competitive Advantage

Wine B.I. provides the small supplier with the insights and direction that up until now, only the bigger companies could afford.

Data Extraction

Cost-efficient data extraction services to free up your in-house analytics team.



Wine Business Intelligence LLC (WINE B.I.)

is a Nielsen Connected Partner company that transforms Nielsen scan data into actionable insights. We buy the Nielsen data and make it useful and understandable. We provide monthly reports, business reviews, and new item presentations, while training and supporting sales staff and management.

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I am fortunate to have combined my passion for wine with my strengths in accounting, market research, and operations.  An accounting major in college, I’ve spent much of my career as a financial and operational controller for various companies.  During my 15 years spent at a market research company, I was promoted from Controller to Vice President and became Professional Researcher Certified (PRC), and a member of the Market Research Association.  There I learned the valuable and actionable insights attained through targeted research and analysis.  After one of my many travels to the Napa Valley, I became aware of the unfulfilled need for smaller companies to obtain the same insights that their larger competitors have and hence, Wine B.I was born.

As my business grew to include clients outside of the wine industry,  I've expanded to suit the needs of small and midsize CPG companies with a passion for servicing wine and now natural food companies.

RAM Analytics encompasses that broader spectrum.

Amy  Sweezy

Director of Business Development




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